FontCandy (52).png

Make sure you have everything you need in front of you. All eight pieces of the bird house, a hammer, nails and glue. Enlist a helper, trust me it will help. Ready? Let’s get started!

FontCandy (53).png

Attach front end A to side B. First, get a couple of nails started in the pre-drilled holes. Then, put a thin line of glue on side B. You may want to put it on end to ensure all sides are flush before you start hammering. Ask your helper to help you hold it together as you hammer.

FontCandy (54).png

Attached piece C to side B in the same manner. Glue before nails. Watch your thumbs!

FontCandy (55).png

Attach side D to ends A and C. Do it the same way…. Glue, make sure its aligned, helping hands (if necessary), nails, watch out for thumbs.

FontCandy (56).png

Attach E to the bottom of your partially formed bird house. Glue, aligned …. you know the drill.

FontCandy (57).png

Attach roof pieces F and G. The beveled side down at the peak of the roof. Make sure the top is aligned perfectly with ends A and C. Got it!

FontCandy (58).png

Ok, last step! Put glue on the blunt end of the peg ¾ of an inch up from the end. Insert into the hole making sure the end is flush with the inside of the house. Viola! You have a bird house. Paint or oil stain to your liking!