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My name is Aamie Benson

Aamie has always loved the people side of business. She believes that through learning, growth and change people are motivated to achieve new successes both personally and professionally. Drawing on over 15 years of experience she has helped teams and individuals accelerate performance and capabilities. She has helped design training programs that have had global impact on individual roles and the organization.

Aamie is a certified coach, holds an International Business Practice MBA from London, and a BA in Organizational and Interpersonal Communications.

With a love for adventure, Aamie has lived internationally and visited 87 countries and counting. Maybe that comes from her drive to explore, grow, seek new experiences, and the willingness to say yes to the next adventure.



At Evoke 3 we partner with companies to create programs that help their people thrive. We do this by leveraging innovative ideas, modern learning tools, and technology and platforms that provide professional development programs at scale. Through innovative learning solutions we empower individuals and teams to succeed in their role while delivering measurable business results. We capture your subject matter expert's expertise and knowledge with content that connects and evokes your strategic vision with comprehensive, engaging and interactive training.

By first evaluating current state we can then partner with the organization to co-create future state approaches, strategies, and methods that not only develop your people but also support your company’s strategic goals. We prepare employees to successfully navigate their role, optimize performance and drive business outcomes.

We leverage a variety of modalities including blended learning, game-inspired learning, e-learning, Instructor and Virtual led learning, micro learning and scenario-based learning. Evoke 3 has content writers, video producer, graphic designers, music mixers, voice-over narrators, animators, and software specialists who put just the right spin and finishing touches to all aspects of your project.

We are committed to advancing companies through the strategic development of their people.

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